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I started my spiritual journey about 25 years ago. I found that at times my learning process was spasmodic and at other times it seemed to leap forward with a variety of interesting new developments taking place. The process was a pathway forward into spiritual development. 

My first introduction to Spiritual Development included information on Meditation, Charkas, Colour, Sound and Crystals. I trained in Reiki Healing methods. I was also receiving treatment in Kinesiology at this time and found that it was fun as well as being beneficial. This encouraged me to learn Touch for Health Kinesiology, Cyber-Kinetics and  Perceptual Body Work. I was amazed with the benefits that you receive from balancing energy systems with these therapies and realised that teaching was a way of sharing this knowledge and experience with others. I went on to qualify as an Instructor Trainer for Perceptual Bodywork and Healing Tuning Forks.

With this knowledge and now enlightened sense of purpose I went on to find ways to work with animals through a surrogate, expanding that further to be able to surrogate distantly with people, animals and places.
During a group practice session I experienced firsthand the power of unseen energetic forces when, in response to a question in my head of “what should I be doing“, I was physically propelled across the room and slammed into the door. “I must be the door keeper then” was my next thought. This encounter opened the way for me look at other areas that include; Past lives, all aspects of time, dimensions, connecting people to their original home planets, location and removal of negative energies and emotions. The list can go on and will continue to expand as more knowledge comes to light. 

And so my journey continues.....

What to expect.

I have three ways of working with clients; in my small treatment room at home, in the clients own home or distantly using a surrogate who takes the place of the client. In all cases the first thing is to spend some time listening to and discussing the issues that are causing a problem for the client. In the case of distant work this is done either on the phone or by e-mail.

We then begin a journey that is different every time, no two sessions are ever the same. My first step though will in most cases be to check to see that it is appropriate for us to do the work and then check to see if there any energies present that should not be there. With permission these are removed and sent to where they need to be.

These first steps leave us free to have good communication with the body through accurate muscle monitoring. The body will guide us to where we need to be to address the problems the client faces. We may travel back in time in this life, maybe into the womb or we may go to past life times to find trauma memories be they physical or emotional. It is sometimes necessary to travel to different dimensions or planetary systems to find the best place to bring about positive change for the client.
Whichever aspect of time we may be in I can use some of the many energetic tools at my disposal. Being led by the body’s needs I can use sound (Tuning forks, Drum, Singing Bowl, Voice), Colour (Aura Soma Beamer Pen), Crystals, Positive Attitude Statements and most importantly My Hands which, with the  guidance of my guides, angels and helpers from all higher realms, can bring energies into balance.
With the body’s energy systems in balance the client has the opportunity to bring about the changes in their life that are needed for them to move forward positively with their life journey.

At the end of the day it is the client who has to bring about the change. 


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