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 The Gathering 

An annual event where like minded friends and colleagues gather to share thoughts, sounds, healing, knowledge, food and the amazing energies of this special place. Unfortunately this has not happened for the last few years because of circumstances beyond our control but we will be Gathering here next year 2022.

Date to be advised  


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Transvibrational Tracking.

Sound Therapy - Tuning Forks

Energy Balancing Work Shop

A series of in- depth trainings combining Kinesiology / dowsing to locate imbalances in the meridian, chakra, and auric energy systems and then select the appropriate Tuning Fork frequency combinations to clear the imbalances  and bring Harmony to the energy systems. Further workshops cover the location and clearing of Geopathic stress issues and removal of negative energy attachments within people, animals and buildings.


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 Terry's  Workshops

A one day workshops for people experienced in working with energy who wish to expand their awareness of the negative energies or attachments that may be all around us in the atomspere, buildings, land and also within us . All of these can have a very detrimental affect on our lives and our well being . 

These will be practical  days where I will share my journey of discovery, how and what I do so that you too can start to bring this negative energy clearing work into your own practices.

It can seem quite daunting but I will be demonstrating and we will all be working and practicing together to gain confidence 

Please contact me if this is of interest to you and we can discuss details


mob 07970 464003



Workshop 1   How to Question & Test          Sunday 24th April 2022  near Churt Surrey

Is formulated to help beginners to be able to test and question their clients with confidence. This includes what testing is, ways to test, how to formulate questions, intention, priority, outcome, and protection.

Cost - £90/day – drinks provided – Bring your own lunch - 10am – 4pm




Workshop 2 – How to use Questioning and testing               Saturday 16th July 2022 near Chinnor Oxfordshire

This workshop will enable you formulate positive questioning to help meet the client’s needs. This includes discussion of student skill sets, use of scan sheets, client discussions, higher self, & other aspects. Lots of practical work to help gain confidence in yourself.

Cost - £150/day – drinks provided – Bring your own lunch - 10am – 5pm




Workshop 3 – How to work with negative energy removal              Sunday 17h July 2022 near Chinnor Oxfordshire

Within this workshop you will discover Terry’s world of negative energies and be able to work with your own skills to connect to and remove negative energies that may be present with your clients. Lots of practical work in a safe space.

Cost - £150/day – drinks provided – Bring your own lunch - 10am – 5pm