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"Terry Really helped me move forward in my life"

Terry was recommended to me by my friend who had also undergone healing treatment.
He was able to travel to treat me in my home, which was fantastic and proved to be so worthwhile.

I had come to a crossroads in my life where we had moved area to a new home, new schools for the children and a change of direction for my career. My emotions were all over the show and with all the stress I felt as if I could not cope. Historical factors were all still playing a massive part, the death of my father eight years earlier... I needed to let go and Terry helped me to do this. The new home was bothering me, there were rooms I felt uncomfortable in...

the children were having having awful dreams.
Terry was able to 'clear' the house and teach me a thing or two on how to deal with bad energy. He has helped me in so many aspects of my life, emotions, sleep, relationships, the new home etc etc and I am truly thankful.

Terry has a calming nature and is able to put you at ease, a very lovely genuine guy with an incredible gift. From the bottom of my heart, I feel blessed to have met Terry... however somehow I feel that we have met before!

Jo - Kent




"Are angels real?"


 By a wonderful turn of fate my wife and I came across Mr Shubrook while on the internet reading articles on guardian angels. We were pointed to a fascinating story in the Daily Mail highlighting the incredible healing work he has done for animals, some of whom have been very sick indeed and whose health he had restored. Well Gail, my wife contacted Terry to enquire about healing for people as well as animals, to which he was very helpful stating that he provided both.
Gail and I have both had remote and direct sessions with Terry and his partner Julie and the results are astounding and life affirming. The first was remotely for our dear, little Yorkie, Sasha who was suffering from 'Mast-cell' tumours, an unpleasant canine cancer that can erupt in numerous tumours appearing all over the body at great speed. Terry and Julie's process is quite amazing. They both work together, tuning into the afflicted subject, Julie acting as a surrogate and Terry carrying out the healing. After two sessions, 12 tumours started to disappear on Sasha's body until they were all gone. Her energy levels also improved dramatically.
Terry and Julie have also been able to connect with Sasha to let us know that she was happy and if there was anything more we could do for her.
We have met them both for direct healing since and they are two of the lovliest people you could could hope to meet and are both warm, calm, understanding and grounded spirits. Our continued experience with them is so valuable that we have recommended their healing to other members of our family who have also benefitted from their help.
Yes, it seems angels are real.


Gail and Hamish - Stratford-Upon-Avon



'Who's replaced our son?'

I first called on Terry in October 2012 as I was having a difficult time with my 2 year old son who had severe eczema and seemed 'off balance/not hamonized' in his behaviour; he would only allow me to put him to bed and just seemed stressed.  I had done everything to try and find a natural solution for his eczema and then a friend of a friend gave me Terry's number.  I must admit, I didn't quite understand/believe in the explanation on google, but I was happy to follow this lead in an effort to help my son's skin.  So picture this: a shy 2year old who clings to my leg, who had been up half the night and not napped in the day...I was dreading Terry's home visit in the afternoon.  As soon as I opened the door, my son seemed calm, warm and inviting of Terry into our home (quite unusual behaviour towards a stranger).  What then happened was something I will never son sitting face to face with a stranger, responding to his words, taking the light pen into his own hands and directing it to areas of his body, stopping at various parts, in what seemed like a trance like state.  I wasn't needed in this process and Terry and my son worked together in a calm and for me 'unbelievable' way.  When my husband returned home from work I described Terry's visit as 'you had to be there to believe it'.  At bedtime my son asked for Daddy to put him to bed (for the 1st time ever) and my husband (the biggest cynic ever) said 'who's replaced our son' as he could see the difference immediately.

We had a distant session with Terry and then a further home visit.  My son was quite simply de-stressed and although I think there are many factors to his improved eczema, Terry definitely had a massive impact by harmonising him.  In two weeks we had a bubbly, de-stressed more confident toddler with clear skin.  In the last year no eczema flairs and eczema…what eczema.

In September 2013, my son had his tonsils out.  He didn't handle the anesthetic well, thrashed about when waking, ripped out the cannula from his hand and fought with me for 2 hours.  I left Terry a message at 10am asking if there was anything he could do remotely, I was desperate.  My son refused medicine and refused to eat.  At 3:30pm, he just stopped what he was doing, sat up and daydreamed for a few minutes.  Then in complete contrast to his behaviour post-op; calmly asked for a banana and a drink and took his medicine.  He continued to eat until midnight and the nurses couldn't believe the immediate change in him.  Later that evening Terry said he'd been in touch with my son and tweaked some things.....of course I knew he had.
Mumma did good and Terry, well, he is/does something quite wonderful. 

I am a big sceptic, but we cannot doubt what we have experienced and the remarkable changes in our son.  

I have been treated at Terry's lovely retreat of a home this year too.  I'm similarly shocked and speechless in a positive way.  Sometimes you just have to accept and not question, but I'm so glad I met Terry. Thank you deeply for your help.


Karen - Berkshire



Finding a way forward.

Bethan and I had a miscarriage last year and had been finding the attempts to conceive since quite emotional and stressful.
We both felt we needed a little help encouraging some positive energies and dispelling negative ones, both physically and mentally!


My brother, Hamish, and my sister-in-law,Gail, had told us some wonderful things about Terry with regards to
helping their beautiful little yorkie, Sasha. We contacted Terry, and after a remote session,with his partner Julie acting as a surrogate, Terry felt it would be better to meet in person. The moment Terry and Julie entered our home the atmosphere was calm, relaxed and loving. It was a very emotionally charged session and I think we were all in tears at one point! It felt like such a release.


Well, we are now 36 weeks pregnant and looking forward to becoming a family.
Bethan and I were never expecting miracles, just a bit of help. What Terry and Julie do through healing and other aspects of their work is wonderful.


Cameron and Bethan, Bedfordshire.


Everyone should go to Terry.

“I can’t think of a problem that Terry cannot help with.  His counseling skills are wonderful – he listens without judgement and can pinpoint psychological blocks straightaway but the real work is in his Touch for Health kinesiology method.

I trusted Terry’s warm and gentle manner on my first visit so in a relaxed state, my body was at ease “talking” to him. He connects with your heart, higher self and aura to contact the intelligent and multi-dimensional part of a person. This means your body shows him the trauma you have experienced over many lifetimes and dimensions without the need for you to tell him or recall them yourself.

Terry has removed trauma energy from my heart chakra and solar plexus.  He has spotted curses and vows and other negative energy attachments in me and my daughter,  and even detected an Earthbound spirit in my home. He can help you realise what has stood in the way of successful healing, relationships and other important life plans so that you can forgive and release them.

Terry and Julie make you feel welcome – they are both healers and you feel safe in their healing environment. I did not hesitate in recommending my 18 year old daughter being treated by Terry when she was fraught with depression. She is now more outgoing, open and has more vitality than she has done for years.

Using tuning forks, colour light therapy, Reiki, crystals and prayer, Terry communicates with your own guides, your body and your own higher mind. He is essentially a facilitator for you to heal yourself after lifetimes of not knowing how to release stuff trapped in your aura.

Everyone should go to Terry. When you decide you’ve had enough of the struggle, kinesiology will help you – not just one dimensionally like a doctor or a psychiatrist –
he transcends time to discover what is stopping you from moving on and being successful.” 

Julie – Aylesbury, Bucks.

Clearer and Brighter.

 After spending years in and out of therapy, healing and counselling, and life not working out, a lady I hardly knew, mentioned in passing, energy attachments. It was like I felt a huge nudge pushing me to find out more about this 'weird' idea of energy attachment, as I'd never really believed in it up to this point.
So after two or three phone conversations (consultation, work/feedback, work/feedback, etc.), I can honestly say, everything in my life is so, so much clearer and brighter. Things are much more optimistic and positive, and for the first time since about 2012, I am actually looking forward to the year ahead, I am no longer having counselling, so if I'd known Terry years ago, I could have saved myself a small fortune on therapy treatments.

[David C. London